Telegram is a shady app. They rolled their own crypto, put up a "challenge" to break it with conditions that would've made most crypto unbreakable; most importantly, they do not even encrypt anything by default

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@Gargron what would be a user friendly, encrypted chat app?

@Gargron What is your opinion about Jabber with the new OMEMO encryption scheme? I test Conversations on Android and it is quite good.

@masoud OMEMO is good and I believe it powers most good e2e apps now. Conversations, Signal, WhatsApp, Wire

@Gargron They are all based on Double Ratchet Algorithm. But the big difference of Jabber (aka XMPP) to all the rest is its decentralization. I haven't yet given up on a decentralized messaging platform, although I know that it's very hard to do right.

@gargron @pasqui023 How does The Wire sticker ecosystem compare to Telegram?

@Gargron @USBloveDog I think last time I used it,about 1 year ago,it didn't have stickers

@pasqui023 @Gargron I think Tox is the best there. The only decentralized solution, so no one can disable you account for whatever reason.

@Gargron privately funded by two exceptionally rich people 🤔🤔🤔

@Gargron @USBloveDog and their api doesn't allow encryption at all. So if Matrix bridges wanted e2e encryption with telegram, that'd be impossible.
@Gargron @USBloveDog @gooz At least telegram /has/ encryption at all. Telegram is *the* messaging app everyone uses is Iran. At least they aren't using Whatsapp nonsense

@gooz whatsapp e2e encrypted by default—that's loads better then nearly any other popular client out there.

@nightpool as far as I'm concerned, closed-source encryption isn't encryption at all. Not trustworthy, especially when owned by a slimey guy like Zuck.

@Gargron also, it is open source, but they don't accept pull requests, and their source code is really weird and hard to read. That isn't really open...

I'm ok with not encrypting everything by default, though. Encryption makes things like group chats, using multiple devices, backing up data in the cloud a lot harder if not impossible.

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