The hardest problem in computer science is actually switching from one emoji pack to another

Sigh. I'm talking about switching from EmojiOne to Twemoji

@gargron Emoji are clearly the "way harder than it looks" computing problem of this decade on so many levels.

Looking forward to hearing about the challenges involved honestly :)

@Gargron You sure it's not something to do with character encoding?

@Gargron Oh no

Think of the orange website comments that would allow - "Masoton < Twitter because they even used their emojis"

@elomatreb There aren't that many emoji packs, and EmojiOne is no longer free. Even Discord uses Twemoji. So I wouldn't worry about that. But switching the packs is bloody impossible

@Gargron I feel like a lot of Masto culture and lore is tied to the current emoji set. Seems like a shame to switch to Twitter's

@nolan That doesn't ring true to me..? I have not noticed any culture tied directly to EmojiOne..?

@gargron @nolan that's because Google's team abandoned the cute blob ones in favor of "let's do what Apple is doing" :<

@gargron @nolan I mean they look pretty good but they aren't those super cute blobs

@brennen @cwebber @Gargron @nolan the blobs are still in the repo, you just have to rollback to a proper commit
of course it means to new emoji. I'd love it if some artist forked it

@Gargron I dunno, it gives Mastodon a certain charm to me. I'd never seen EmojiOne before, so it made Mastodon look unique. Little things add up to an overall impression.

@Gargron Whatever 🍍 looks like in Twemoji, it just wouldn't feel the same

@Gargron Oh nice, it is tilted. The tilt is crucial.

@Gargron @saper If we switch to Twemoji, I propose adding a CSS transform: rotate(-20deg) to all 🍍s to correct the discrepancy.

@nolan @maloki @Gargron @saper I propose making the pineapples constantly spin.

@nolan That's interesting. But EmojiOne is no longer being updated - EmojiOne 3 does not distribute SVGs, which is what we use to display the emojos. Besides that practical limitation (they give PNG only), a lot of Masto folks do not like their new license, which isn't free. So are we gonna be stuck with an old emoji set?

@gargron @nolan at least you're not using iOS emoji like telegram


@Gargron @nolan Also, Twemoji has the most recent emojos, including the Single Raised Eyebrow/“Colbert” emojo and what I like to call the “cuss face”. Masto’s current emojo set lacks those.

@Gargron @nolan is anyone married enough to "Masto's own emoji set!" for a Kickstarter? Probably not.

@egypturnash @Gargron @nolan i would rather throw money at @dzuk for the mutant standard emoji set to be the new thing to use, but that probably won't happen in time

@KitRedgrave @dzuk @nolan @gargron @egypturnash there's also the google emoji, which does distribute SVGs and is under the SIL Open Font license

@KitRedgrave @egypturnash @Gargron @nolan I’d understand if others want to use something with a more permissive license but I think there should be the ability to have alternative emoji sets ;)

@nolan @KitRedgrave @egypturnash @Gargron I was talking about my set (I allow SVG use but the license is CC-BY-NC-SA).

@nolan @gargron tbh "😕 " is a perfect goodboy and makes all of emojione worth it

@Gargron maybe people don't care for emoji, maybe we care about emoticons.
I remember this when it was Usenet.
Hey you kids, get off my cyberlawn!

@Gargron solving the emoji problem collapses the polynomial hierarchy

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