Please direct your friends to or another instance of your choice like, or, etc. is "default" choice for a lot of people and it's getting kinda hammered right now.

@Gargron From what I'm seeing in my own community, if there was a comics instance, that would do wonders. Not sure exactly how that *goes* though.

@soupytoasterson @gargron is a popular choice for artists and comic makers

@chr @Gargron Thank you for the head's up! I know there are a bunch of comic writers/journalists that just popped in that it might not *quite* fit with (and I'm a retailer), but that is very appreciated.

@maunzikation Awesome, thanks. Joined and w/same username. Stick to three for now. It's all a little overwhelming!

@Arara yay, looking around is always good :)

Maybe you've already found it, but if not, in your settings you can export a list of the people you follow and import it at another instance. That makes moving around a bit easier sometimes.

@Gargron though the onboarding for new users is... paralysis of choice, IMHO

@calvin I agree, so it might be better to recommend them a specific instance (just one that isn't!)

@coachdrewglobal you can't. You can migrate and tell your followers to follow your new account but you will naturally lose a few ones.
I did it once and it was worth it :)

@Gargron thanks, still new to this and I hate new so, bear with me 💠

@Gargron Is there a "map" of which instances are federated? Want to make sure I can still interact with folks wherever I send them, you know?

@Gargron The problem is, the descriptions of available choices are confusing to a lot of folk - it may be time for a newbie primer?

@LAGilman @Gargron This. It would also be awesome to have something that helps narrow the choices. "I am a professional writer who also wants to see horse stuff" would be nice, and having to create a new account every time is prone to causing issues once the population rises. I'd love to have my name across everything, but that means joining everything immediately.

@paulfree14 Yes. There was a lot of information, but very little context.

what context is it that you are missing?

this is the landingpage we hope to direct people to:

it explains what mastodon. is linked on that page to let you help to find an instance you like.

@Gargron word is gettin around bayb.

also its important for people to know they have choices and can set up their own instances so they can be

@dendycrew @Gargron



@Gargron That's what socializing with too many people and too much alcohol do.

@Gargron Is there a way that you know of to "forward" my account to another instance?

I joined a few hours ago and got everything all set up before really realizing how the instances worked.

@Gargron Better to close registrations on for a while. And add some recommended instances on the front page (+

BTW: maybe it's a good idea to filter out the pre-1.6 instances on that list on joinmastodon. We don't want to disappoint people. cc: @TheKinrar

@jeroenpraat @Gargron if Eugen thinks that's a good idea I can add this feature to the API

@Gargron @TheKinrar Great you like it. I chose 1.6, cause of ActivityPub direct/private posts. But 2.0 would also be an idea. And that in the future only the last 2 major releases (except when there's a breakage).

@jeroenpraat @TheKinrar @Gargron
or if not closing make it like
They are just open during a specific timeframe.

@Gargron Is it possible to search for these instances on the web client?

@reibeatall they're all on or alternatively

@Gargron is there a way we can help with, well, hosting or processing power? is it on your end or is it an externally-hosted thing that we can help by throwing money at you, to pay for?

@ryanlittlefield Right now I'm bottle-necking on my media storage server. It's really Big, 6TB drive, but its ARM CPU is dying under the current load. I have funds to purchase a better one or switch to another service, it's just a matter of annoyingly bothersome devops (moving 412GB of files?)

@Gargron ah, gotcha. cool. i'll probably throw some cash at you anyway to help out (because the last 48h here have been really nice) but I guess if you get around to handling upgrading that or moving those files, that can't hurt!

@Gargron is there a more artistic/creatives space English instance?
The search wasn't helping me narrow down much

uhh there's loads but not in my head

@DanHawk is closed to sign ups by default to keep bots out, but I can send you an invite link as a member. It's a great instance and community :) Let me know.

@Gargron Congrats on your success. =] Joined and encouraged others to join specifically for the considerate and inclusive design. The anti-nationalist policies in the ToS were icing on an already attractive cake.

@Gargron been thinking about migrating away from but don't really want to lose any of my toots/favs/boosts/followers. has there been any work on account portability within w3c specs, or any work on it at all really?

@trwnh I had that fear too, until I took the plunge. I can tell you that it is not that bad, really - you can import your follows, many people will recognize (based on your new follow) that you have moved and will re-follow you at your new home... And you don't need to delete your old account, so your toots will live on.

@arx @trwnh
The earlier you rip off that bandaid and move, the better. Or you just have more account history holding you back!

@frankiesaxx @arx still think we should have true data portability, preferably as part of the w3c spec. more services need to allow for this. right now, i have no real reason to move off of this instance, except to reduce the load. having full portability would allow people to move more easily. same way you can simply import emails to a new server with IMAP.

@trwnh @frankiesaxx Well, importing emails doesn't solve the bigger issue, which is informing everyone about your new email address (unless you use your own domain). For proper portability, you would also need a way to automatically notify all your followers to follow at the new location. But I agree, portability should be (and I believe is?) a long-termish goal.

@arx @frankiesaxx You can forward emails even with webmail. As for follower portability, perhaps a UUID or linking system can redirect them to your new account. Then again, email doesn't really have an analogue for "followers", since it's just 1-1 communication instead of 1-many.

@trwnh @frankiesaxx Forwarding is one option, but it relies on your previous instance to stay online. An alternative would be a way to prove your identity across instances, but that would require some public / private key stuff (or some other identity mechanism). With that, you could announce from your *new* instance that you have moved, proving that it’s really you and not an imposter.

@Gargron should be able to take plenty of load.

@Gargron I think the problem is most people have no way to make that choice? Like, I wouldn't know what alternative instance to recommend. Downside of the distributed model, I guess :( (I can see there are upsides too!)

@clinkingdog @gargron
Yeah especially people who are joining today and trying to get their friends to come. Plus there's a tendency to want to be on the "real" flagship mastodon, especially when people don't really know what it is they're joining yet or how it works.

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