I sent a customer support request to Patreon asking them to reconsider the change. I suggest you do the same if you care.

@Gargron Still very confused, what did they change?

@mike @Gargron

With processing fees, a $1 pledge would now cost a patron $1.379. A $2 pledge would cost $2.408, and a $5 pledge would cost $5.495.

@ScottRoche @Gargron The concern is that a lot of $1 subscribers will end up having to bail, and that people who give to multiple Patreoans will either leave or reduce the number of artists they support (the fees are cumulative). Nash Bozard has been covering this pretty well (@Nash076 on Twitter).

@Gargron You mean the change in their fee policy? The fact that the fees will be paid partially by the patrons, not only by the creators?

@Gargron I'm probably missing something, but what is the issue with the change? From what I saw from the email, it is changing the charging structure from 5%ish with processing fees to always 5%.

@Gargron oh, so if they were giving you $10 per month before, they have to give you $10.05 now?

@propersquid @gargron also, if you give to several different creators on Patreon, Patreon will charge the patron the fee on every individual transaction, even though they pay processing fees on only one transaction a month. So they can charge patrons much much more, and claim that the fee is only 5%.

@gargron @propersquid in the updated blog post, they claim that they aren't pocketing all the extra money, you're just paying a fee on every pledge because they're going to charge every pledge individually, to make it easier to support/explain up-front charges to access patron-exclusive content.

So, Patreon is saying, don't worry, that huge percentage increase in money you're paying will mostly go to credit card companies, rather than creators or Patreon.

@npd @propersquid most importantly, i definitely didn't ask them to change how patreon works. The monthly lump sum thing is the selling point!

@Gargron @npd thanks for educating me on this. I was thinking of using Patreon for my programming projects, but set up a Liberapay account instead.

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