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Eugen @Gargron

An Electron-based desktop app for Mastodon that lets you use multiple accounts

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J'aimerais bien mais j'ai que 16 giga de RAM.

@Simon_Archipoff @Gargron As long as I measured, it seems to take 150~200MB to run app (following much more people may take more RAM though...)

@Linda_pp I think that’s just Electron.js apps for ya.

@pessimism Yes, it's just like opening Chrome with one tab.

@Gargron Pour ma part j'ai ajouté à cela marche plutôt bien également

@Gargron This is probably THE thing I'm looking for use Mastodon elsewhere than my browser ! =D

@Gargron YES! This is what I've been missing.

@Gargron dear God, when will we stop having to run several chrome runtimes to have desktop apps? :(

@Radiolaria @Gargron since the chrome browser has separate processes for each tab, are we not already running several chrome runtimes? :P

@Gargron yeah... another Chrome browser running on my Ubuntu

@Gargron Uses the already-excellent mobile web interface, supports multiple accounts, and has user CSS overrides? Sounds great!

@Gargron confused about how to add multi account JSON array doesnt seem to pick up. probably incorrect format..

@rmdes I'm not the developer of that app, so i don't know

@Gargron I know, just thinking out loud here :)
and trying to find out !