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Eugen @Gargron

I shouldn't have mentioned emacs. 😩 I don't care if you use emacs, vim, or telegraph your code line by line and indent using sandwhiches

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@wonderfall @Gargron And I wasn't debating, just stating that I suck too much to learn vim, but it seems powerfull... when you put the time needed to comprehend it.
I forgot it was a troll-generating century-old argument :D my bad

@wonderfall @Gargron At least anyone can understand it. Shortcuts are even indicated in the bottom part of your screen :D ! #NoobFriendly

@gargron Just because other people have opinions doesn't mean you can't explore an editor though!

(but ps emacs is great and I hope you love it.)

@unorigmoniker @Gargron This is outrageous! One should indent with banana burgers, not pineapple sandwiches! I read that on CookerNews so it has to be true!

@bnjbvr @Gargron I say let the man use whatever foodstuff he wants as long as it whets his appetite and as long as its not tofu.

@Gargron I write my code by whispering instructions to the nearest innocent child.

@Gargron Also I think nano is the best thing.

@Gargron Imagine having a life so devoid of interesting things that which text editor other people us is a chief concern.

@wilkie @Gargron Wait. Is a real account? Because