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You can now pin/unpin columns and move them around, other than that there's just a whole bunch of fixes of all sorts

Eugen @Gargron

Another cool new thing for admins is that ability to troubleshoot PuSH subscriptions from the admin UI instead of writing code in the console. Also a button to redownload avatar/header if it's broken.

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@Gargron I've been struggling with some broken remote-user avatars on my instance. The button, it does nothing.

Other unsuccessful guesses:
• Unfollowed/re-followed.
• Had remote user upload a new avatar to the remote instance
• rake redownload_avatars
• rails console Account.destroy(account_id) (when I refollow the remote user a local account is recreated and they *still get no avatar*)

Only a handful of remote accounts have this problem—most from

Suggestions appreciated!