@mkosler you are making #vore stronger

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Banned TED Talk: Nick Hanauer "Rich people don't create jobs" https://youtu.be/CKCvf8E7V1g
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I think I should definitely take a few days off of development. Maybe till monday, if I have enough will power to actually stay away from the code

Wait, did Diaspora* really collect $200k in funding back in the day? What the hell happened?

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ok i need to actually look for a new job now. if anyone has any heads up for level/game design, coding or music work plz hmu

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it's that time of year again; ol saint online is bringing their big ol sack of Good Posts for all the good children

@Vavassor it's there i just hadn't updated the api docs yet

@hoodie I'm waiting for kit to submit it

Anyway, if you had any reservations about driving a large number of people here, I feel pretty confident now that we have the reporting functionality to be able to handle it gracefully. Mentioning because I've seen a couple people doubting whether they should

Wondering whether sign up page should have a "You username wil be [input]@[this domain]" message with a link to the list of other instances. On the other hand, there *is* the whole funneling/call-to-action psychology thing, and more choice might drive new users away.

I've done that staying up to 3am thing again

I fixed a couple bugs in the UI and stuff also but they were smol so not worth listing out in detail

@Trysdyn if you want to tinker, experiment, or have a strong desire to control your own publishing and have a spare 3€/mo, yes

@strypey @oceangrunge Indeed. Though it is confusing when the platform *and* one of the server packages are both called GNU social. I just prefer to say that both are part of the fediverse.

Everyone is posting picture of dragon maids again

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lets run down some rodents:

squirrels - extremely very good friends. 10/10

rats - also very good!!! 11/10

mice - VERY ROUND AND GOOD 12/10

capybaras - BIG FRIENDOS I LOVE THEM also they made sword and sworcery so even better 13/10

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Me logging onto Twitter: "Huh. Guess I'm into wrestling now."

Me getting onto Mastodon: "Huh. Guess I'm a furry now."

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@pztrn Sad to hear that we're losing such a big instance from the fediverse. mastodon.social will welcome users migrating from it!