Picked up the trial version of Pinegrow for some web-development while I take a quick break from current projects, and I've been making good use of my time this week.

Built myself a cute little "about" page and a fancy navigation menu. ✨🦊✨

I'm definitely gonna be fixing up those "social/web" buttons lol, it's not immediately clear that the three on the right are supposed to be game-dev-related.

@Lollie Oh wow! This looks really nice~ I might have to try that out.

@Lollie Pinegrow looks like a much more robust Muse, I might have to look into it.

As a graphic designer that knows dickall about html it seems appealing lmao

@pixl Tbh Pinegrow still definitely requires some amount of knowledge about HTML/CSS, though it is much more visual-based. I'm mostly using it because it offers content management for static HTML - so, no having to set up an online database or whatever.

There's no shortage of Muse alternatives though - Webflow, Wappler, Pingendo, Froont. I haven't tried 'em all, but Webflow felt extremely easy to play with, and has a really good set of 101 videos for getting started.

@Lollie Whoa this is really neat! I'll have to look into this Pinegrow myself.

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