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Nigma @Nigma

My Android's dictionary contains "potatorooms" and "potatoware"...???

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@Nigma after seeing GWAR and messaging my housemates about the show my phone picked up on "NAZIPOPE" and it made composing messages very interesting for a while

@Nigma Victorian term for the small anteroom between a kitchen and the dining room

@TomPratchett and potatoware? I originally misread it as potatowave, a new aesthetic genre of music

@Nigma the software mid 2000s mobile phone cameras ran on

@Nigma You don't use those words in everyday conversation?

@Nigma The android autocorrect is shit anyway. For me, it changes correct words to other, also correct, words.

@Nigma i typed 'flying spaghetti monster' for the first time ever into my iphone yesterday, and it capitalised each word?? i was like holy shit i never knew apple was making some kind of a Meme Machine

@Nigma Sounds like they have an EYE for unique vocabulary