alberta politics 

The UCP is just blatantly admitting they don't care about public opinion and that they'll deliberately try to move legislation at a pace that's too quick for people to organize and oppose. Disgusting.

#alberta #canada #politics #cdnpoli


alberta politics 

We have the same here with fucking Macron. He's getting so full of himself he's probably going to destroy any chance of a re-election though.

alberta politics 

@Niquarl Unfortunately, in our case, this guy is probably going to be our next premier. Although, I've yet to hear a solid articulation of why people dislike the current government and want a slash-and-burn government to replace them. Mostly, people are caught up in a weird tribalism. So many people here think of themselves as conservative, even though they actually aren't if you talk to them without using labels or politics jargon. It's very strange.

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