Every photog worries about model releases and getting signatures. With the mobile revolution upon us I'd recommend something like this product.

I backed their Kickstarter many moons ago and use the original version of the hardware to this day for signature capture. Far better and less goofy than a finger scribble.



@kemonine Is it completely fluid? What devices do you use? I tried the Adonit dash3, which seems to work using similar principles, and it skips a lot on my Pixel XL.

@Phrodo_00 I've not use the Adonit offerings and my stylus is an 'old' model w/ a slightly larger tip than the current one.

I've had good success over the years with it. However, on 'small' screens under 5" it can be a little fiddly.

I also noticed that depending on the app the resolution / response can be tricky but certainly a huge improvement over a finger.

The one thing I noticed that caused a lot of skips was moving it across the screen too fast. Seems to be app specific though.

@Phrodo_00 I have a hunch it's related to how fast an app / android / etc is sampling for touch input and if you go a little slower (not much really) it can make a huge difference.

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