I don't buy myself things often these days, I mean aside from clothes and food and *waves hand* so with getting some money in this week, I'm going to treat myself to something that's not just a handful of videogames that were on sale.

Normally I'd stress over spending a hundred quid or whatever but these past few months have been so much of a grind juggling caring and dad duties on top of my own shitty health that I'm not even vaguely trying to talk myself out of anything here.

@RobF :) Treating yourself is a great way to remind yourself that you are valuable. Rambling here but something related I learned is I think it's an important component to compassion for other people, since we realize we're people, too. If that makes sense... anyways this is a way to say good on you :)


@RobF Also I am spending $130 or $150 on an NES on friday haha :)))

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