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@timmcconnell Oi! Depends on what you like, but a few that come to mind:

- Persona 4 Golden
- Ys: Memories of Celceta
- Tearaway
- Gravity Rush
- Trails of Cold Steel I & II (JRPG, it's very long, a bit different than normally JRPGs, really cheezy in some ways but very special IMO)
- Soul Sacrifice (monhun type of game... sorta... but super dark and interesting thematically, I liked it a lot)
- TxK (arcade type game)
- Dragon's Crown (the art in this is amazing)
- Lumines Electronic Symphony

@PsySal FYI, I just finished Tearaway. What a delightful game. Happy that I played it on Vita vs. PS4. Reminiscent of Puppeteer but a better experience.


@timmcconnell Ah so glad you enjoyed it! It's so magical and tactile :) And I can't think of a better looking game.

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