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I am extremely not interested in the definition of "criticism" that is like "distinguish good media from bad media".

@jennamagius Or even "some parts of this are good, some parts are bad, distinguish which is which".

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I demand a word that means "engaging with a work in a very active, literary, external-to-the-work way" that is not just the same word as "saying that a thing is bad"

@jennamagius criticism!

wait... damnit :/

ANyways 1000% with you on this. I even hate that has a star rating system, it's like a tiny bit of evil managed to work it's way in, even there... booo :(*

@PsySal I think that's kinda a mixed bag. I think they provide value in helping people spend limited time efficiently, BUT: not in the way that "Oh, it saves them time because they don't have to play bad games".

More like... it gives information about scope and tone that helps players pick games that match their at-the-time needs.

There's probably a better way to communicate that information that doesn't lend itself to wrong ideas like:

PsySal @PsySal

@jennamagius Agree, it's definitely good to have an idea about something; I like textual reviews for that. There are so many subtleties to a game, and actually when someone writes enthusiastically and specifically about why they love something it's a joy to me, even if I don't understand or it wouldn't appeal in the same way. Or, conversely, if they say specifically things that turned them off (which can be quite varied and valid in so many ways.)

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