@strypey #PPL restricts the commercial usage of the good (art, music, book, game) to entities which are *not* a #coop . Network of cooperatives to do #CBPP - Commons Based Peer Production is the aim of PPL, which is derived from CC. CBPP aims to be an alternative to neo-liberalism.

The creator of PPL discourages its use for software - 1. It isn't a license for software. 2. He feels strong copyleft is required in software for CBPP.

commonspoly.cc/ is a PPL licensed board game.

@Shamar @strypey

> - keep wrappers free (but not necessarily under the same license)

"This license or compatible ones". It's a copyleft license, so any license compatible with it is itself or a license explicitly mentioned as an exception.

If it can be interpreted as allowing a permissively free software wrapper, that seems to me that it would be either effectively under this license anyway, or a sublicensing away from being just normal weak copyleft.

Basically you'd have the same situation as a copyleft project with permissively-free components.

> - - let every user inspect, modify or self-host whole applications (not just modified version of the hack)

So, copyleft, as reasoned above.

> - setup a limited trust system that let the original hackers upgrade the license if needed and integrate the downstream changes but until they preserve all users freedoms

Part FSF conditional copyright assignment (assignment valid as long as free software), part GPLv3:

"If the Program specifies that a proxy can decide which future versions of the GNU General Public License can be used, that proxy's public statement of acceptance of a version permanently authorizes you to choose that version for the Program."

@strypey @clacke


> those that can, the already solves them

I can't do such act of .

I think that there is ALWAYS room for improvements in human artifacts, until people stop to care.

But note, I'm not against acts of Faith! Feel free to stick to AGPL.

OTOH, I'd appreciate if you wouldn't dismiss six months of work as "vanity license" without spending the time to read it critically. Yet, I don't care that much: I just thought it might have been an interesting conversation.

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