@kaniini yeah I don't think that's healthy for the Fediverse
@xj9 @strypey

It's the best we can achieve: potentially give more freedom.

People will always be attracted by silos and simplicity like insects are attracted by light; they'll be always more attracted to the biggest instances. Yet, if we achieve the point were _too big federated instances_ are becoming an issue like Twitter is right now, it's a very nice issue to have; that would also mean that the underlying software and protocols are ready and proven.

The hard part is just educating people enough, letting them know the implications of using a shared and third-party admin instance are, etc.

The very very hard part is to avoid the "network" to split like IRC did, with admins using acceptlists. For this (giving more freedom) to work, the fediverse needs to be whole.

@feld @kaniini

@strypey @xj9 @kaniini @feld @href

> > communication/information infra that we control
> To what end?

As a , my answer is learning: I want people to so they explore new ways.

As a , my answer is : I don't want people to be tracked and manipulated.

As a , my answer is : (and , and , and , and ) is a .

As a , my answer is a : I want go to the stars.


> As a Christian

This just blew my mind.
Can someone be a Christian and a hacker at the same time?

Not judging just trying to understand.

@Shamar @ekaitz_zarraga I would say yes, we do have the #whitehacker or the ethical one. Good #question. 😎

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