For the love of.... of course I have to make this clear because... white people.

When I say ask me questions, that does not mean asking me to work that you can do yourself.

If you ask me for examples of harassment and general assholery being thrown my way, and I say look at me timeline, that's what I mean.

Me saying I'm open to questions is not an invitation to ask me to do labor for you b/c you're too lazy to do it yourself.

I am not here to make interacting w/ Black folks easier for you

My saying I'm open to questions does not mean I'm going to curtail what I know to be true to make you feel better about your ha, EFFORT.

When I say I'm open to questions, I mean I will answer honestly about the inquiry, assuming I don't think you're just being a jerk. And yes, I get to decide that based on how one approaches me.

If I answer a question in a way you don't like, that's fine. Either re-word it or go away.

But I don't want to hear whining b/c you didn't get the response you wanted

Saying I'm open to questions is not an invitation to ask me whatever dumb ass shit comes in your head.

And it annoys the fuck outta me when white men in particular take it as an opportunity to belch their non-sense in the hopes I perform their version of DIVERSITY that results in them doing the absolute least as possible.

Being a reasonable person to doesn't mean capitulating to every silly as request that is tossed at me.

Ha, like come on. Use your brain.


But this exchange has been useful, to me.

In Italy we have all sort of issues including a growing racism, but most white peopke here are well... not that "white".

Centuries of migrations, wars and rapes made our culture and our DNA so mixed that here most whites are a little black and most black are a little white.

That's why your hate doesn't work with me.

Anyway... I'm a and you can't feed bullshit to me as a answer.

Good luck with your marketing.

@Shamar LOL, so if you don't consider yourself white, why even say anything in the first place.

And if you actually read what I'm saying, you'd see I'm talking about my home country, not Italy. So again, it has nothing to do with you.

In my estimation, as I said nothing to you initially, it is you that had to spread your hatefulness and attempt to hide it under the guise of civility.

You can believe whatever you want about me.

You still don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

@Shamar LOL and now I hate you? You're delusional, man. I don't even know you.

*shrugs* good for you.

Oh and I thought I was uninteresting so you were leaving. You should do that.

@Shamar LOL, I did answer your question. If you want examples, just go look.

Yes, it will take you some time. That's kind of the point.

@Shamar As I did not address you directly, no I wasn't.

For whatever reason you _felt_ I was, which is how we got here.

Ha, and I said nothing about your skin color.

You're going off all emotions and assumptions because you don't like how I answered you.

Which is a typical response from bigots.

@Shamar Ha, nope. You didn't like that I didn't do the work for you.

@Shamar Then look harder. Put some effort into it instead of complaining about said effort.

@Shamar Then if you believe it doesn't exist, that illustrates that your initial attempt at LOL 'dialogue' were disingenuous.

As I thought they were from the beginning.

All the singing and dancing doesn't change the fact you're just lazy.

@Shamar If that was the case you'd just take the time doing whatever it is you're doing here and just go look.

Ha, you're subsequent commentary after I told you go look shows your intentions where off from the start.

You can believe whatever you want about me. The fact remains the data you seek is available of you look.

It's that simple.

@Shamar No. I don't believe your intentions are good after you've spent the last couple of hours calling me hateful, opportunistic and shallow.

You have gone out of your way to demean and insult me unprovoked based on the simple fact you did not like how I answered one of your questions.

I have no reason to believe your intentions are anything but disingenuous and malicious based on your continued awful behavior.

@Shamar I've been very clear about what I think about you and your constant badgering of me for the last couple of hours.

I'm not going in circles with you anymore because you want to act like a dickhead over something so trivial.

Enjoy your night.

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