Stop acting like anyone can be Racist when only one groups’ Racism was backed up by Jim Crow, the 1 Drop Rule, forced illiteracy, legal rape, forced assimilation, the kidnapping of children, the genocide of languages, not being able to enter thru front doors or get service at White establishments etc. A Blk person/PoC calling WP a honky is possibly prejudice, but prejudice isn’t Racism. Anti Semitism≠Any religious hate, Transphobia≠Any gender based hate, Racism≠Any racially based hate.

@denikombucha there's a certain point I think when any rational white person must admit that they have probably never met a non-white person (& same goes for other dominant gender/sexuality/ability/&c groups) who is even acting in a way that's prejudiced against them–what dominant group members experience is *postjudice*. The views of dominant groups are broadcast constantly, everywhere, their actions routinely betray their contempt. The evidence is already in, there's ample grounds to judge.

@Shamar have you ever heard about why the Burundiagn genocides occured? Ethnic division & hatred between Hutu & Tutsi was purposefully designed & formented through legal, economic & propaganda means by brutal Belgian rulers to create a stratified society they could easily divide & rule. They then abandoned the society they had stolen from & poisoned. 20th c racism happens almost exclusively because of whiteness, the hugely influenial colonial political ideology that invented scientific racism.

@Shamar @paralithode

At this point I usually post the obligatory Chairman Fred video.

Racism is always a division strategy and you can't fight racism with more racism or hate with more hate.
@Shamar @paralithode Soon enough there will be world economic dictatorship. One man will, at least according to conventional accounting, own more than half the world's wealth. Every year the number of oligarchs controlling half of the planet reduces. Right now they could all fit in a single bus.

It will be an unprecedented situation and maybe only once the demon of inequality is personified by one man will things begin to change.

@bob @Shamar
I wonder to what extent the world economy is vulnerable to a 51% attack.

@Shamar @bob
That's why I didn't ask "if" but "to what extent".

@Shamar @bob
No, that's not what I meant.

I meant, what is the impact of the vulnerability. IOW, how much you can do if you have 51%.

@Shamar @bob

>gain 52%

Boooriiiing. Who'd want to do that....

@Shamar @bob

but if you already have 51%, that extra 1% isn't much a difference, is it?

>Do you think #wars fight themselves alone?

*looks at drones*

@Shamar @bob
That means getting people to kill people is just one way of achieving that goal, and if they could achieve it without people, they'd go for it, right?

@Shamar @bob ok, but why do they need the drones not to be too effective? Why don't they kill their compatriots the same way they kill their enemies? Why do they need the 1% of people to survive?

@Shamar @bob
history may hold lessons for everyone, but they're not much use if you can't read them

@Wolf480pl @bob

It's a very intricated chapter of our history whose dots joins Mafia and Allied invasion of Sicily, the death of and , the raise of Berlusconi and it still have deep consequences on all level of our , culture and ethics.

Whatever the intentions of the protagonists (whether they were afraid of URSS, just greed for power or both) they sold our collective soul for centuries.

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