@Shamar I have been seeing similar trends, but also counter-examples. Specifically I like to point to CUPS as an effective federated WebService. And The Fediverse too.

For federation to stick, there must be a reason beyond federation to embrace it.

@Shamar That said there's no reason why running a webservice should require any more maintainance then your home computer or even your "smart" phone. It's just that most people don't value it, and projects like FreedomBone and Lollypop Cloud are important for changing this status quo.

So what issues are you seeing in the blogpost?


I don't even know where to start.
Near the end I went back to the beginning to double check that it was not published on April 1 last years!

I think @bob summarized my opinion well: mastodon.social/web/statuses/1

It basically attack a straw man: it setup a dumb metric for success (even distribution of 2019's users) and then argue that SMTP (!!!), XMPP, HTTP and ActivityPub (that the author do not even cite) failed because they didn't produced such metric.

Except nobody ever had such goal.

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