A 17 years old penetrate into College IT like a knife in butter.

Only one tool used to identify the vulnerability: .

And this is a GOOD NEWS.
A 17 yo can learn how to think with his own brain.

There is , after all.


I was thinking about this. Some universities deliberatly setup bait to catch cheaters. and this looks like something that can easily be checked for hacking.

They deliberatly gave me an F once just so that I had to come in the middle of summer, meet face to face and prove I dont cheat.

@Shamar what the hell, actually. are you implying that "being able to think with your own brain" is something extraordinary for 17 years olds?! hey, come back down to earth!

@Shamar well. yeah, it'd be great if traveling was free or something and available to everyone. it'd be great if IT was welcoming and at least a tiny bit less arrogant.

@Shamar you seem to not understand. i just wanted to say that by looking down on everyone, you aren't helping the situation. nor is your patronizing tone.

nearly everyone in IT seems to look down on people who can't code, and that's the absolute state of this field.

@Shamar i'm not fine with that. i just don't want everyone else to see tech people as arrogant and egoist. i don't want people to be afraid of us, but, unfortunately, i do understand why they are, and their reasons are valid.

@Shamar i see. indeed, we disagree at a fundamental level. i still think that being able to code doesn't make me better than anyone else.

@Shamar sure. i forgot that people don't have jobs and families. thanks for reminding me that one doesn't need money to live in this world and that food can be just made out of air.

i mean, how do you imagine that?

@Shamar maybe we should teach medicine to everyone then? or, maybe, gardening, for them to grow their own food? maybe politics, bc how else can democracy work? maybe hardware design? or maybe we give them freedom to decide what's interesting to them and what is not?

it isn't like that. it isn't black and white, it isn't like being able to code changes people's personalities. it just helps to see them better.

people aren't stupid, most of them are able to think with their own brains. but they don't care. that's the problem. or, not "problem", it's just how it is. you can't make everyone care about software freedom. people have different hobbies, that's perfect, that's why we have homes, buildings, food, fashion, entertainment. those hobbies aren't any better or worse than IT. you can't demand that everyone were interested in tech.

@Shamar debugging is easier if you're able to reason rationally. it doesn't necessarily teach those skills. and even if it does, there are other ways, this one isn't any better.

@Shamar in psychology? i'm not a professional, what about you?

i'm not gonna argue.

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