Radical organizing seems pretty hyper-concentrated in cities, so I was wondering if anyone on here has experience organizing in rural areas? What unique challenges are there to it and how do you approach it?

@GreenandBlack ...Yes. As Bowlich said, rural North America is telemediated now, highly propagandized. And not just white folks. Rural self sufficiency traditions (good) have curdled into reactionary capitalistic individualism (bad).

I can say that arguing from ideas as a blank slate or from the local language works much better. No one is going to read Marx. It’s just not on. But presenting collective strategies to fight exploitation with local meetings works. >

@GreenandBlack It helps to find the well respected yokels who get around the community but don’t often protest things. Get a few of them to speak up, and it can thaw the ice for others. Suddenly campaigns can get launched. A major issue in rural places is that logistically you’ve a *much* diminished pool of daily drivers. The people who show up when the ire has cooled down will be left to carry any orgs forward, and they should know they will be nearly alone most of the time. >


@GreenandBlack Rural organizing requires being oblique. Coming in “looking lefty” isn’t a great idea. Reading elites as “city slickers” can work. Getting local institutions on one’s side, being mindful of not feeding petty rivalries, is tricky but important. That means, welfare office volunteer cliques, community centre cliques, the Grange, miners, churches. Say “amen”, pass the ammunition, and expect to be surprised to who will sign up for fighting the man with a canny bit of bluewashing.

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