@Temrin e.g. I followed you after you sent your first toot, so by default my feed just shows nothing: social.kithop.ca/media/XAHnh1q

However, if I click your profile picture, it opens a tab with your actual feed as it is on the mastodon.social instance, which shows everything you've made public:


@Temrin There's a special 'Federated timeline' that is 'everything my instance knows about every other instance in a global feed'. I don't use it that much, because on a big server like yours it can be pretty spammy. Think of that kind of like Twitter's 'trending'.

@kithop Hmmm *nods* I just signed up for this one because it was what was shown to me. I had no idea it made a difference because i'm so used to social media being one big thing. Not like discord servers. XD

@Temrin Yeah, you're on basically 'the big server run by the core developers as an example instance', that many many people conflate with the entirety of the system. It's no big deal, but you may not specifically want to stay there.

@kithop So, when you said to me before that you had found some instances of content you were interested in, you just watched someone in that instance to get all the instances content? (sorry just confirming. Makes 0 sense to me LOL. I'm usually not this slow at understanding this sort of stuff.) It just feels wrong to watch someone to get access to their entire instance and not to watch their content for THEM.

@Temrin I mean, you can look at who I'm following, but it's the same as with Twitter. People 'boost' (retweet) other posts, I go 'oh hey, that's neat, what else do they talk about, cool, I'll follow them'. So I've ended up seeing tech-inclined furries, music, and stuff like that. I think witches.town and niu.moe have a lot of LGBTQ+ and/or furry-friendly types, for example.

@kithop I understand that sort of thing but what i'm interested in, is seeing an instances actual feed on my dash, like how i see my "home" server feed.

@kithop Like how i can join mailing lists with an email and get all their content in my inbox or how on discord i can join multiple servers and see the content posted in each as long as i'm joined. Is that even possible here without having to seperately join servers?

@Temrin If that issue I linked sounds about right, it looks like a lot of people are talking about it and thinking of how to potentially implement it but it's not a thing yet.

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