I've been asked to read a poem or scripture at my uncle's funeral on Saturday. I've got some good candidates, but I'm struggling with theme.

Do I talk about how death comes for us all eventually?
That the pain of loss is the price of joy?
The best way to honor the dead is to help the living?
That life is an evolution and no one is ever fully understood?

He and I weren't especially close, but he was good to me and I want to honor him. So do I speak of him, the audience, or Life itself?


@Modern_Industrial i think, not from experience speaking at funerals and memorials, but from experience attending quite a few, that it's best to speak specifically and with love of the dead themselves.



I'm sorry for your loss and am glad you will be able to gather with friends and family tomorrow.

I agree, speaking about the dead from your heart and experience to honour the relationship with honesty is usually the best.

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