People who stop using @fedilab in favor of @Tusky because it can be used by "nazis", do you know Firefox can be use by them too? Or Ubuntu? Or anything else? 😱

This is becoming ridiculous.


@fuxoft @erdnaxeli @fedilab I wholeheartedly agree with you that it is ridicilous!

Imagine being offended by people being actively anti-fascist. :OMEGALUL:

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@fedilab @Tusky @fuxoft just to be clear: I totally respect the decisions you both came to.

@Tusky @fuxoft @erdnaxeli @fedilab The problem here is that I've seen more toxic reactions from anti-fascists in a reaction to people questioning whether the block is the right way of doing things than I've ever seen coming from fascists on the fediverse. If we're blocking fascists why can't we block people that feel the need to respond in such a toxic manner as well? They're not any better in their behaviour.

@Tusky @fuxoft @erdnaxeli @fedilab Another issue I haven't touched with this is that I did report those toots but the admin of the respective server simply told the user "a nazi tried to censor you by reporting you". This is reason enough for me to block that whole server as apparently that server accepts toxic behaviour from their users. I could submit a merge request to @Tusky to block that instance as well, but I fear the success rate of that would be next to nil. I'd love to hear otherwise!

@deutrino I don't think it's worth mentioning as it would only invite people to harass them for their (albeit questionable) choices.

@nvsr No worries. I was mostly just curious if I'd have a totally unsurprised reaction to the answer 😅

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