apparently my elderly neighbor has been maintaining a personal website about the history of UK photography and it is an incredible piece of work.

apparently he still uses some piece of adobe software from the 90s. there is so much care and effort here, and its such a pristine image of the early web being still updated 😭

@_manpat “This page last updated: 9th April 2022” ☕️

@_manpat back from when the web was about "content". Nostalgia hurt 😭

@_manpat There are a surprising number of absolutely irreplaceable resources that are on pages like this.

@_manpat This is a gem. Tell your neighbour, greetings from Belgium!

@alternative_be @_manpat it would be cool to send him greetings from all over the world.

@_manpat running old adobe software? that computer needs to be protected.

@_manpat What a fantastic website. It is beautiful. Congrats to your neighbor for creating this.

@_manpat very nice! Love seeing such examples of the early web.

Here is another gem I learned a shiton about avionics from that is still online (and updating):

My own is also very old but upgraded a lot over the time and I only have some screenshots floating around.

This is one of mine I re-uploaded a snapshot of for nostalgic reasons with the original code but with minor changes mostly to redact some old/obsolete stuff:

@bekopharm the waybackmachine still has a splash screen loader from 2002, but unfortunately the actual site seems to be from 2005:

@FiXato heh yeah, I remember. That was mostly for forcing pre caching of the images for the mouse hover effect. Connections were so slow that this was needed or it would look ugly and the layout wobble :D

@unsafepointer @_manpat I was thinking the same. For all the advances we really have bloated the web these days. There’s really something to be said for fast and light sites! It’s also “simple” enough that it doesn’t have any nonsense that’s since been deprecated so stil renders perfectly. It’s legitimately a better job of a website at a usability & technical level than many many “professional” offerings.

@_manpat This is so wholesome! And Adobe PageMill, holy shit. There's a bit of software I've not heard of for a LONG time!

@_manpat That site is fabulous in every way possible.

@_manpat man, it's been a long time since I saw a "search this site with Google" widget

@_manpat looks like a great resource, thanks for sharing it and pass on my thanks to him.

That's beautiful! Just like a website should be. Lots of content and no trackers!

@_manpat I wonder if there are any pain points in his workflow we could help with.

Without adding a bunch of trackers, either.

@_manpat this is amazing! saved to my "fun web stuff" bookmark folder😀

@_manpat tell your neighbour that he is awesome! I saw that site at the start of Covid and was impressed with it then. The fact he has kept it going for so long and it is still perfectly usable is amazing :D

@_manpat i'll be honest with you, i prefer websites that look like this

@_manpat In many ways i like sites like that more than some whizzy overly fussy ones today

@_manpat This website is amazing! Tell your neighbor his work is appreciated!

@_manpat i felt so happy walking through this site. it felt like the old internet was back <3

@_manpat I don't know if there's a web equivalent of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but if there is, this site should be included.

@_manpat I learned my photography basics on labour-of-love hobbyist sites like these. Beautiful.

@_manpat wow there’s so much to this site than want first meets the eye. Thanks for sharing. I miss these types of web pages, there’s a certain authenticity about them. What a wee goldmine. I never knew I could get an overdose of nostalgia in such a short time haha

Wow, that software was discontinued in 2000 😅

@_manpat Interestingly, other than most other sites this one concentrates (mostly) on materials — films, papers, processes. I haven't seen much of that elsewhere.

Although I made my own prints at home in the 70s, and film development and prints in school in the 80s, I am more interested cameras and lenses. So that makes this site not quite so interesting for me. Still, a gem, and in the most delightful 20th-century web design — thankfully with just one animated icon, and no <blink>.

@_manpat I love how this actually has https while my university's website is http even in the login page for students lol

@_manpat yikes all is f those yellow buttons. I didn’t know where to look.


Wow… fantastic mine of useful infos :blobheart: :blobheart: :blobheart:

I'd love to share it with all artists on!

cc @Curator @welshpixie

@_manpat someone should offer him a rework. If I only had time. This is so sad when software excludes people from sharing their great work to a wider audience.

@_manpat @fyrfli the introduction page alone is awesome. It has pictures of an instruction manual from the 1950s.


Some real nostalgia in this space. Ah when the web was innocent and informative and mostly non-toxic


@fyrfli @_manpat I built my first website around 2001 with Adobe GoLive and maintained a site ages ago that was built in MS FrontPage. It gives me all of the feels from those days.

@kryosleep It reminds me of how proud I was to have built my geocities page in notepad. And that blinking gif is soooooo 80s 😂

@fyrfli getting that first image inserted and seeing it render lmao. Back in the day when all of the tags were in caps. <HTML><BODY>

@_manpat Fantastic!
Just what I needed to feel better. 😂

@_manpat Lovely site. Even if one's not a fan of the styling, it's so full of earnest, enthusiastic content.

@_manpat this is such a wonderful thing!!
Including and tags for people with niche interests who would really appreciate this

@_manpat It's wonderful! I was totally expecting Dreamweaver, but nope, there it is, Adobe Pagemill 3.0!

@_manpat @neil I came across that site recently when researching a photo of my uncle that had "Jerome Studios" printed on the back. Rare history. Thank goodness the Wayback Machine is snapshotting it.

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