The Laptop arrived and I played around with it the whole evening. Although the device is quite nice, I think I am going to return it.

Here's why and the pros and cons I gathered so far:

+ Dismantling the system was a breeze. Very clever engineering and unlike everything I had so far (e.g. magnets instead of plastic clips)
+ A nice price. Comparable laptops costs around 500-1k Euro more
+ Excellent support documentation

And here's the downsides (1/2)


- Compared to Thinkpad/Apple the device feels cheap (e.g. the lid wobbles when changing the angle)
- No real touchpad buttons and the touchpad is not quite precise
- No built-in Ethernet and currently you cannot order additional extension cards
- support is not yet 100% (suspend/hibernate don't work)
- It's silver

So, I'll most likely return it and the quest for a laptop with more power continues.

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@stsp For testing, I swapped the card for an AX201. Now the AX210 is back in, however, I already wiped the machine and just boxed it. Sorry.

@_xhr_ No worries. I'm sure someone else can test this machine.

@stsp I saw it on the commits list! Impressive work (as always)

"+ A nice price"...
"- Feels cheap"...
Really? How comes?

@giaco Not sure if that's 100% related to the prize. I think it could be more of a design decision to have a very slim lid.

And touchpad wise, I am totally spoiled by Thinkpad touchpads (they're awesome). Someone who likes Apple touchpads and tapping instead of clicking might like to more...

That sucks :-/
What's the keyboard like?

Was also thinking about buying one, but it sure has downsides.. besides the points you mentioned, I guess as a longtime thinkpad-user I'd also miss the nipple-mouse (I don't even use the touchpad on my thinkpad)

@Doomed_Daniel Keyboard quality was quite good. Not as good as a Thinkpad but better than most "cheaper" brands

@_xhr_ :flan_shrug: good luck in your quest ! What about ? Got a friend who's happy with it but I never have the opportunity to go hands-on myself.

@clematis Indeed, they look quite nice!

Big question is, how's the support? I found two entries on dmesgd:

Would be quite an adventure to order one and then discover that the support is subpar :/

@_xhr_ Hum, looks pretty safe if that version in 2019 was running on 6.6 - would need to check / compare with the latest hw.

@_xhr_ Toshiba has a new brand: Dynabook. They are aimed at businesses and it looks like they reversed all the stupid from lenovo and want to fill the niche with a usable and sturdy laptop. Nipple mouse, builtin eth port, good keyboard, water drain, it's all there according to youtube reviews (yeah, I know... but still.)

They have models that check all MY boxes. Maybe you want to try one?

@sh Thanks, they look quite nice. Do you know - by any chance - how they perform with BSD?

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