Do you want to completely change the Linux Desktop environment forever?

Help me and other 3 developers build Akira, the first and only Native Vector Graphic Tool for UX Designers.

Regain your independence from proprietary apps, help us make Akira happen!

I'm not a UX designer, so excuse me if I make funny questions.
What exactly is this application intended to be used? What is missing on the current options (like the GUI builders for GTK/QT)?
What about the licencing? Which kind of license do you intend to put the new code on?

@jlhertel @alecaddd
that's not a wysiwyg interface to build code, that's a design softwares similar to Sketch (

It's all on GitHub under GPL v3.
Don't apologize for your questions, and thanks for your interest.
Akira is a vector design tool for mobile and web UI and UX visual prototyping. It doesn't generate any code as it's purely visual and it's targeted for web designers.
Commercial products similar to Akira are Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, or Affinity Designer

@jlhertel @alecaddd I am not familiar with any of these commercial tools - what would be the main difference between Akira and Inkscape?

(Note that I'm still for it even if there's no difference - more options is good)

@polychrome @jlhertel

The difference is a drastically different workflow. It's hard to explain if you've never used something like Sketch or Adobe XD, but the interface is totally different from what we have right now on Linux.
Creating graphics is faster, no friction points, and and interface that you don't need to learn how to use, it just comes naturally.

Also, we want to offer a lighter code base and overall a faster app with a modern approach.

@joel @alecaddd
that's a design software similar to Sketch (, not a decoration framework for interface.

@daycode @alecaddd So from what I can gather the Akria project is a design tool like inkscape/gimp but for making GTK+ interfaces, is that right?

@joel @alecaddd almost, you can design all kind of interface (web, desktop, mobile) 😉

It's a vector design tool for web and mobile interfaces. It's purely visual as it doesn't generate code. It's similar to Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, or Affinity Designer

@alecaddd @daycode
If I was a UX designer how would I go about applying what I design with Akria into a HTML doc for a website?

Are export options being considered as plugins (think Godot Engine) later down the line?

Since the core canvas will be completely based on SVG, implementing HTML export options should be fairly straightforward.

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