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@cphuntington97 lol pure self-promotion. I am quite obsessed with though. Similar topics but much better produced, better thought out and more mature.

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If any of you have the time, my survey for my bachelors thesis was finally approved and I need some people to fill it out. It only takes around 2 minutes and it has a few pretty video game screenshots to look at!

you would do me a big favor with this, as I'm running out of time with my thesis so I have to rush it. ;;

Jaw hits floor "The HR rep began the meeting by asking me if I had noticed that *I* was the common theme in all of the reports I had been making"

For those having sleep problems: I fought to get to sleep for years and eventually gave up and just did what I wanted until I felt sleepy, accepting that I would have to cope with being tired the next day. It helped me a lot - might be worth a try.

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y'know, something i've seen repeatedly is people shitting on Garg for not being able to handle situations diplomatically enough and then getting mad when he asks for help or advice and people tell him to pay them

like, i get why you're asking for money, but what i don't get is that you're asking someone who barely makes any money with this platform, money that's given entirely on a voluntary basis, you are sending a statement that you should be paid to use Mastodon

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@Gargron Also "standartized" => "standardized" or "standardised"

@Gargron brilliant piece. "sacrifising" => "sacrificing"

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My GF recently introduced me to - a true treasure trove of images! High quality and CC0 every single one.

My friend, when I asked what music I should bring, responded with a perfect summary of my musical taste: "Metal / trance/ ambient / not nickleback"