I should figure out a mechanism to better tell when somebody I'm talking to is actually bored & just being nice or is actually interested in what I'm saying.

Over the years, I've gotten better at telling in more straightforward situations. I no longer require someone to literally tell me to shut up most of the time, the way I did a decade ago.

I'm confident that I'm failing in less ambiguous situations, which is maybe worse: I go from "obviously autistic" to "probably just a jerk/egomaniac".


Guys, please, stop being so convincing with your fake interest! I know you mean well but actually I'd prefer you to tell me to shut up over subjecting you to like twenty minutes of the history of alcohol production in ancient mesopotamia, an hour of the development of the concept of recipe books, fifteen minutes on the importance of Go Nagai to the development of modern anime genres, etc.

I can probably talk about something you actually like but I need guidance & shit.

@enkiv2 i kinda want to hear more about all of those things though?

@aparrish @enkiv2 I could absolutely hold a conversation about all three of those things

now I want some arak

Right, that's what makes it confusing. It's totally reasonable that somebody could be having a good time. The deniability is too plausible.

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