In other news: I found this vintage thing hanging at the Ruoholahti metro station. It just hangs there saying "Platform display 1993-2012" and nothing else.

Context: since 2012 all the metro stations in Helsinki use high-resolution high-contrast LCD displays at the platforms (that serve their purpose way better than this one)


@vurpo While of course I agree the new ones are better in all ways, I love it how the old ones are bulky and give this impression of ruggedness that screams INDUSTRIAL GRADE. The design of their font is also very interesting and has character, while the new ones use a plain, nondescript, boring Helvetica (the rest of the new signage in the stations uses VAG Rounded, I think, which is a better choice).

@aperezdc These ones do indeed look more aesthetically pleasing, but I just meant that the current ones serve their purpose way better. (I don't think they use Helvetica by the way, but some basic sans-serif font anyway)

However, I was also wondering why this one was just hanging there and not doing anything. It's at the western end of the westbound platform at Ruoholahti. There is another one of these at Helsinki Hacklab.

@aperezdc This is clearly not Helvetica, but it's not Gotham either, so I don't know what it is

@aperezdc Around some stations you can still see old signs from before they redesigned using VAG Rounded, and they are all Helvetica. I think it looks kind of nice too, but their current look definitely makes it more visually distinct from everything else in the world that also uses Helvetica (and I really like their current font too).

@vurpo That's exactly what I meant with Helvetica being “boring” — there's nothing technically wrong with it, but it has been used so much and in so many different contexts that using any other typeface immediately gives more of a corporate identity image. Which I think is great for a city's transport system 👍

@aperezdc actually turns out they don't use VAG Rounded, but Gotham Rounded and Gotham XNarrow

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