@federicomena If I only had the time, improving Cairo would be something that I would definitely like to get into. In particular it completely riles me up is the limitation of surface size to 32768px, this has bitten us many times in WebKit, and it's only going to get worse now with HiDPI displays.

@federicomena I am aware that fixing the surface maximum size would be getting into quite a lot of churn, and potentially introducing ABI/API incompatibilities (haven't looked much into this one bit), but it would still be a very worthy goal. Because 32768px ain't enough for some tasks.

@aperezdc Hmmm, I'm starting to deal with fixed point overflows, which is not directly tied to the max surface size, but I am curious about it. Tell me more? When is that size not enough?

@federicomena For example when some websites will serve sprite sheets e.g. all emojis as a single PNG, which may be one column or row of sprites (so 32x35000px, or 35000x32px)

@federicomena I could probably find more examples, but those two are just from the top of my head without even needing to go and dig bug reports.

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