Hey users : since september 2018, I have added 14050 lines of code in darktable's core, being the 2nd most productive dev for 2018/2019, and father of filmic, color balance v2 and the new UI design, in addition of providing doc, tutos, advice and various bugfixes. I'm working full time on more cool projects (modules and R&D), but I'm still paid way below minimal wage. If you can spare a few €, you can help me to help you long-term : liberapay.com/aurelienpierre/

Darktable is hands down one of the best pieces of FOSS software and I use it all the time. Just pushed 50€ your way.

Un petit rappel essentiel, merci encore pour ce travail ! Je prend vraiment goût (à mon niveau) aux développements de la photo avec #darktable, donner quand on peut, est donc un juste retour des choses.

@aurelienpierre'm not (yet) a user, but considering it seriously. I can only encourage developers to contribute to Libre Software.

We can consider I bought a "licence" of Darktables: 50 well deserved bucks are on their way to your account. Thanks for your contributions 🙂

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