Do you have a good suggestion for an email client for Android? I know there is K9. But there hasn't been an update for nine months and the app seems kind of orphaned to me.

Also, the user interface is extremely old-fashioned (although the UI from fairemail is even worse).

Thanks in advance! 😊

@thomas_rader @switchingsocial
why do you think k-9 is orphaned?
It's still going strong:

Personally I've been using it for 1-2 years and haven't had any bugs or any features I need that it doesn't have. I mean it's just email..

@Maltimore @thomas_rader
Somehow its push notification doesn't work on my Android 8.1 (LineageOS) device. Any ideas?


First of all, deactivate Android's battery management of the app, or it will stop K9's own synchronisation system.
Also, after updating the app, I've sometimes needed to delete some accounts and reconfigure/reimport them. Good luck.
@Maltimore @thomas_rader

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