@benjancewicz Io 🙋‍♂️ have a satellite with my pronoun though 😏

@benjancewicz "Dut" is not a pronoun in Basque. It would be "Ni(k)" in this case . So I don't know if we can trust the rest of the map 😂

@benjancewicz Do I see Kosovo lumped in with Serbia? Because they speak Albanian, and it's a separate country now.

@benjancewicz in Spain this map shows "Yo" in Spanish, "Jo" in catalan, "Dut" in Euskara, but isn't showing "Eu" in Galician, which is the same as "Eu " in Portuguese but on the region north from Portugal.

@benjancewicz Would be better with the pronounciation, and not just the transcription (as the different languages don't use the same sound for a given letter)

@benjancewicz no sé dónde se han sacado el "dut" en esukera. En todo caso sería, ni(k) yo. Dut( tengo)

@benjancewicz I've seen the same thing but with swear words today

@benjancewicz "Eu" also applies to Galicia, the chunk of Spain just north of Portugal. ;)

@benjancewicz is also full of different words for the first-person singular nominative case personal pronoun "I".
norskbloggen.no/en/10-mater-du lists a couple of them (in Norwegian, but you'll get the gist).

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