Oh oh oh, have we discussed how much of a scam 401Ks are???? (at least in the US)

You give your money to a company who spends all day playing with and investing it and you're not allowed to really touch it until you're 60 OR you have to pay them to give it to you, or maybe they'll let you borrow your own money with interest.

Fucken what.

@guerrillarain But, you see, they couldn't just kill off pensions without making a replacement...

...so they had to make an alternative that requires the employee to put some of their take-home pay in (reducing actual wages), and is tied to the stock market, so if it goes wrong, they can just blame the employee for being irresponsible with their investment decisions. (Never mind that most 401ks are tied to premixed portfolios, so your ability to actually decide is poor...)

@guerrillarain The limitations on accessing the money are, however, meant to prevent a 401k from being used for tax evasion, as I understand. Which, that's fair.

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