What's the best app on these days, preferable /#Gtk but not a hard requirement? Tried but while it works quite well on Android it is really buggy on my GNU system and crashes a lot.

@bjoern a few years ago, ekiga was quite good. Seems to have somewhat dropped off the map for unknown reasons, though

@benthor yes, was also one of my first thought. But last release is 5 years old and the projects looks quite dead in general.

@bjoern Not tested (because it is on my reading list probably will never try) (?)

Can I really use it as a SIP client? Can't find anything on their webpage, looks more like they are doing their own protocol these days.

@bjoern @m_schultheiss According to their FAQ it should be possible to use a SIP account. You can add it in the preferences. I used #Ring with a SIP account in the past and for me, it worked very well.

@bjoern I used blink for some time with good success but dropped it due to lack in support for .

Their devs seem to be focussed on Ubuntu so if that's what you use you should give blink a try.

@bjoern The go-to example of a GNU/Linux free software SIP application would be Jitsi.

@clacke @bjoern I agree. Jitsi is old, no longer actively maintained and written in Java , but it works out of the box (mostly).

Whould you please keep me updated from your side as I am also looking for a good client...

I've used @Jami (formerly, @ring ) and #Zoiper as my #SIP clients. Ask GTK is not a hard requirement, I'll only comment on general usability of these two software.

While #Jami did allow me to contact people, I frequently experienced call drops which was irritating.

Zoiper is a good option, but its not FOSS (won't matter if that isn't a hard requirement either). Haven't experienced any problems with it so far and just works. No hassle.

@bjoern I got #Linphone working on #Trisquel without crashing but as I want to be able to pick up the phone when somebody calls me and I'm not in front of a laptop all day #SIP is at the moment not the right solution for me.

@ao how did you installed it? Flatpak? Another issue I had, I couldn't find a dial pad while being in a call, which is crucial to enter conference pins, etc. Does this works for you?

@bjoern This was roughly 1,5-2 years ago, I used Flatpak and cannot remember there was a dial pad.

@bjoern Jami is apparently an SIP client. When they were Ring they hand a GNOME client, not sure if the one on this page is still it:
@bjoern I've got the opposite result: Linphone on Android is buggy and resource-hungry, but fine on GNU/Linux.

@bjoern I am quite happy with 'Empathy', a messaging client + telepathy-rakia and account-plugin-sip on Ubuntu.

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