Tried #NextCloud Talk but the thing assumes I want to share both microphone -and- camera when I just want to use a mic or screenshare.

The fact it defaults to both camera and microphone and not letting me choose only one of the two is creepy. 😕

@polychrome Having implemented a webrtc client, I’m guessing this is mostly laziness. It’s easiest to just ask the browser for both, versus adding an extra UI hook and potentially having to upgrade the request later.

@vy yeah probably but this is a 'professional' grade software that might accidentally show you topless when you're trying to join a voice chat conference at home. 🤷

@polychrome We take your privacy very serious, that's why a call always starts with both mic and camera disabled. You don't have to worry that someone will see or hear something they shouldn't.
cc @vy

@bjoern @vy are we referring to the webapp embedded in the NextCloud website? Because it started the call with both the camera and mic enabled.

The duct tape on my camera saved me from the embarrassment.

Which version of the Talk app do you use? Maybe a old one? I don't know when exactly the default was introduced but if you have the latest version, Talk should always start with mic and camera disabled.
Cc @vy

@bjoern @vy 5.0.4, I tested it for the first time 2 days ago.

I'll give it another try to confirm but after authorizing the mic/camera pop-up I was presented with an active camera right away, pretty sure.


@polychrome Please also try 6.0.3 if possible, might that we introduced it with Nextcloud 16.
Cc @vy

@bjoern @vy had to upgrade my distro and PHP to upgrade Nextcloud and Talk but yeah the feature is in the latest version.

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