At this years conference we had a Public Money? Public Code! panel with many great participants, including Alexander Sander from .

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@bjoern Hi Bjorn, I have been running nextcloud for a while. Honestly, it's one of those good things that happen to me in a while, I'm a professional designer and id like to contribute some of mine or my team skills to give back to the community, if you need anything, such as marketing materials or websites with cool motion let me know! Please feel free to contact me.

@Eyal Hi, thanks for the offer, this sounds great! A few pointers how to get involved can be found here we do as much as possible in the open. Even our homepage is on Github and receives contributions from our community regularly. I'm sure @jancborchardt will be able to give you some more pointers how to get involved in our Design team.

@Eyal hey, as @bjoern already said there’s plenty of ways to get involved.
There’s also for more info on the design team.
If you are interested in contributing to the website, the best starting point is having a look at the "good first issues" at :)

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