uspol, millennials vs establishment 

For all hoping the Dem establishment wouldn't own-goal themselves into another presidential loss in 2020, well, here's the current frontrunner and party favourite:

'"The younger generation now tells me how tough things are—give me a break,” said Biden'

As a bonus, it seems clear who they'll blame if/when they lose again.

Question of whether they even *want* to win is salient.

uspol, millennials vs establishment 

It seems increasingly clear to me that the establishment of the Democratic Party would rather, when it comes down to it, lose to Republicans than "lose" to even the mildest portions of the progressive wing and the growing anti-market (or even just market-skeptical) feelings within the electorate. Throw away the youth vote? In a heartbeat.

Just how hard they're resisting making universal healthcare a default Democratic position really illustrates this tension.

uspol, millennials vs establishment 

@keithzg Gotta be "pragmatic" (in this context, pragmatic means basically the opposite of its normal meaning, but the establishment Dems are so brainwashed by their own centrism that they probably think actually standing for something, no matter how mild, is too radical and that being a gormless form in the perfect centre is the only pragmatic choice, even if it means losing forever).

uspol, millennials vs establishment 

@ink_slinger @keithzg see, you can't win elections if you're willing to do anything in pursuit of winning elections, _obviously_, as any _real_ pragmatist will tell you.

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