"What Google AMP means for the JavaScript community" by Mathias Schäfer molily.de/amp/

"In my opinion, AMP is a defeat for the Open Web community against privatization, monopolization and centralization. This loss is somehow self-inflicted." Finding it hard to disagree with this assessment.

Another way to view AMP: the news-article web was so slow that it was about to lose its lunch to Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles, so Google made its own quasi-web version, which is allowing the web to crawl back from the brink of irrelevancy while also losing a big part of what made the web the web.

Evoking a famous quote from Vietnam, you might say: "It became necessary to destroy the web to save it."


@nolan nowhere in this entire extended tragedy, of course, did it occur to anyone that we could just build websites that don't transfer more data than the installation media of pre-2012 operating systems and make everybody's laptop fans spin.

@brennen @nolan IOW AMP is a hack around web developers who care more about looks than performance.

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