I am tired of both twitter and Facebook. Sadly it’s just where everyone that I know posts.

@joeworkman Switched to the bigger instance, huh? I hadn't used this in a while.

@bretcarmichael I got the notification that you replied to me but had to dig in the app to find it. There isn’t a mentions list. Weird.

I could not remember what mastodon server I was on before. Thought this one could have more interesting stuff since it’s bigger. Are you in a different server?

@joeworkman We were first on .cloud. There are more people on this one though.


@joeworkman I’d definitely use it though. I’d be fine getting news from Twitter and connecting with people elsewhere. There’s no real good place to do that.

@bretcarmichael is there seriously no way to view mentions? I have to go to your profile page. Odd.

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