I am tired of both twitter and Facebook. Sadly it’s just where everyone that I know posts.

@joeworkman Switched to the bigger instance, huh? I hadn't used this in a while.

@bretcarmichael what if Tweetbot made its own Mastodon server and made the app support it. I think that it would be game over.

@joeworkman I don’t know. I’d like to think so, but they made an app.net client once, and app.net went the way of the dodo.

@bretcarmichael but times have changed. Twitter was not pulling this crap.


@joeworkman True. In Tweetbot’s absence, I enjoy Twitter a lot less.

@joeworkman I Get it, if Twitter want to block third-parties. I don’t like it, but I get it. Facebook doesn’t allow them. That said, the right thing to do it to communicate to the devs, “Hey, we’re ending support of third-party clients in X months. Start looking for another way to feed your families.” It’s analogous to severance, when a company eliminates a position. Making it a surprise, letting them hang, is cruel.

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