Hmm, the local timeline on is quite a stream of junk (not vile stuff, just things I have no interest in). Time to stop being lazy and move to less mainstream instance.

Anyone got recommendations for an instance for people interested in:


@cbowdon people are all over the place so i just follow instead of relying on public streams

@valerauko I used to think of the home timeline as for “my interests” but the problem is I don’t discover new people very easily that way (for clojure in particular i only have 4-5 regular tooters, despite adding nearly everyone I see that uses the hashtag)

@cbowdon not those things specifically but we have a decent number of tech folks on Fosstodon might also be of interest!

@cbowdon may be to your liking although the local timeline is sporadic. New toot every couple hours usually.

@jellea @cbowdon I ended up pinning a tag for clojure, and made a few lists for news, etc where I grouped some of the accounts I follow. The column layout makes lists much more useful than on Twitter in my opinion.

@yogthos @jellea @cbowdon I do this already. 🙂 But of course some toots don’t have hashtags, or not the ones you expect.

@cbowdon You can search on your favorite tags, and then surprise to all the fine people writing about it.

The second way is to use:

by the prolific @kensanata

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