Every instance defederation from my instance only makes me grow stronger.

You, to me: You poor misguided n00b. You unknowing child. You ignorantly cling to your instance, but I will show you the light, even kicking and screaming, I will guide you to enlightenment.

Me: Jondescension!


When I looked into installing mastodon, it was extremely resource intensive and required a bleeding-edge version of Rust, so I went with GnuSocial instead. That supports ostatus, but not ActivityPub, so it federates with fewer and fewer hosts.

I could install pleroma, which has some issues, but is a lightweight design I could actually support, but many mastodon users block all those instances anyway.

tl;dr Masto is hard to install and expensive to run. Partisans hate the alternatives.

> That supports ostatus, but not ActivityPub
@celesteh @kyzh Items a pity I can't write you this message I just wrote to you.
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