I still fail to see what benefits arise from shortened variable names. Why is "currPag" preferable to "currentPage", "btn" preferable to "button"? Without context, I'm guessing what the author intended, and this only makes verbal discussions about it all the more difficult.

@jalcine That's totally fair—I think development can and should be a joy wherever possible! I don't think that strict adherence to a standard trumps happiness—I think the opposite—but I do often wonder if there's a middle ground and how to get there (mostly within the context of my job).

@chrisburnell Used to be helpful because it meant less typing. But these days there's autocomplete.

@chrisburnell For server-side code I think it's a relic of times gone by and it has stuck around for some reason? Fortran had a max line length for example so I guess terse variables helped stay within the boundaries.

Funny to see it come back with front-end markup, I guess to reduce bytes downloaded? Like bootstrap and tailwind have all their abbreviations like sm, lg, mb, py, etc. I don't like them to be honest.

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