France freezes Iranian [intelligence service] assets over Paris bomb plot said thwarted by Mossad

7 days ago: "EU Member States will set up a legal entity to facilitate legitimate financial transactions with ."

Opinion: EU elite apparently so obsessively anti-Trump & anti-Israel that they will rather do business with an actual rogue state which takes their money and uses it to bomb Europeans.

@cjd not that this warrants bombing them but MEK themselves are ex-terrorists (as were PKK btw) and current insane cult

They're supporting "freedom warriors" again. What could possibly go wrong.

US generals and hawks have held paid speeches to MEK.

I will also not take these claims at face value. Times of Israel is a propaganda outlet. Best article i came across so far;

Iran known for using terrorism to intimidate European countries, word on the street is they're afraid to stop the nuclear deal now for fear of A Nasty Accident...

Personal opinion: Europeans are so massively anti-semetic that they'll believe just about anything Iranian propaganda says about Israel.

@cjd to be frank Israel is a worse danger to our societies than Iran.

They oppress the Palestinians and suppress BDS and other free speech criticizing this protofacist apartheid government.

To be frank i am not that scared of terrorism. Oh no you got 0.01% of us, i am so scared.

Both us and them got into this treaty despite factions inside our society screaming for war.


@jasper I think the American viewpoint on this is Europeans haven't changed that much in the past 80 years, hatred for Jews has just morphed into more palatable "concern for Palestinians" and if ever America stepped away, WW2 would repeat itself. The sheer level of attention paid to this particular conflict, given it's scale, provides a hint:

@cjd the mere fact that other injustices exist is zero excuse. Israel is alledgedly a first world "free world" ally. As is the US.

Did you notice this article

This WW2 whining is typical facist othering. Which funnily enough sounds like emo girl crying to me.

The right wing extremists usually seem more pro-Israel. In fitting with Israels government own nature. Quite a few crypto nazis in there though.

Antisemitism in the European left is an even more minor affair.

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