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Clint Lalonde @clintlalonde

Any instances of Mastodon popping up specific for folks in higher education?

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@clintlalonde I will switch in a heartbeat if one does. If one doesn't, I might set up (or pay to have set up) one myself.

@theartguy @clintlalonde I'd be keen to find out too. It's a bit tumble weedy in here, and even doing a search for something like #highered or #edtech, or my favourite #openbadges, doesn't reveal much.

@TheWayneGibbons @theartguy @clintlalonde Overall, I think there is less hashtagging which has both pros @ cons. I did happen upon which you might find interesting.

I guess for me the current beauty of this space is the stray, unexpected and thouroughly enjoiyabke tumbleweed that blows through my timeline from the most unexpected places.

@TheWayneGibbons @theartguy @clintlalonde I'm trying the waters out at scholar.cocial today, thanks @Tdorey!

Sparce user base, but that just means room to grow and a local timeline I can actually read before it scrolls past.

The export and import features built into Mastodon really helped with the move, too.

@TheWayneGibbons @clintlalonde @Tdorey Sadly yes, I imagine it would otherwise be way to easy to game the system.

If I had 100s of followers I might not be so quick to jump ship. Fortunately,
1. I'm a relative nobody, and
2. I've been looking for an academics themed instance since I joined.

@theartguy @clintlalonde @Tdorey reckon it's worth it? What's the advantage of being on a scholar instance if you're already following ed people on the original instance?

@TheWayneGibbons @clintlalonde @Tdorey

Personally, I like having a local timeline that's useful. and .social scroll past so fast they might as well be the federated timeline. On a smaller instance themed for a particular interest, I have time to read the toots and they often end up being relevant to my interests.

Joining for my gaming interests spoiled me in that regard.

YMMV, though.

@Tdorey @clintlalonde @TheWayneGibbons
I also imagine it makes it easier for teachers to find other teachers. With how fragmented Mastodon is by design, that's a useful thing to have.

@theartguy @Tdorey @clintlalonde I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle for me, as I'm not following a massive amount of people anyway so my timeline is pretty much only education related already

@TheWayneGibbons @Tdorey @clintlalonde
And the fact that Mastodon is flexible enough to accommodate both of us is one of the reasons I use it.

@TheWayneGibbons @Tdorey @theartguy that is what I'm looking for, too. One of the benefits of federated for me is that it can be filter layer 1. On Twitter, I control with lists, but having local instance might make it easier to minimize noise. Cause Twitter has much noise.