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@nds I liked the idea of a "release song" until I realized it was just a famous tune with different lyrics :-/

I'm sufficiently ignorant of pop music that I am not sure whether most are parodies or original.
Kaito @cphuntington97

@nds Take a look at how this tune did worldwide: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Another_

To write "Composition...by Dewi Wood" is... not cool.

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@cphuntington97 If @nds was a little older, he'd have been exposed to the original. But is that the only parody / relyricized tune in the set?

@nds @lnxw48a1 the only other one I heard was a parody as well. I haven't checked out the rest.

I've made a conscious effort to never expose myself to Pink Floyd, but for no good reason