i have read three books this week and they have brought me so much joy and peace

i found myself watching the shannara chronicles and thinking “this is so bad. why am i watching this? if im this hungry for imaginative stories, why not read fiction that’s actually good?” so i acquired a bunch of earthsea pdfs and it was a good decision

im reading two books now:

- earthsea 4

for the former, every word is like a chip in a mosaic, elegant and efficient; every sentence is a gift. the latter is like yeah i get paid by the word so here’s a fuckin bunch of em, but it’s not without charm or thoughtfulness.

welp i finished earthsea 4. i cant remember the last time i read this much


@garbados I reread all these books last year for the first time since a parent read me the trilogy as a kid, I was absolutely floored by Tehanu

@ct same. i need some time to digest the complexity

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